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What does "Allow LAN Traffic" do?

Allowing LAN traffic lets you connect to other devices on the same network. This is handy for printing, network file access and the main reason we added it in the first place, Chromecast.

How to enable Allow Lan Traffic Shown on Desktop app - same instructions apply to the Android app. This option is not available on the iOS app

  1. Open the Windscribe app and tap the Menu button in the top-left corner Preferences Tab location in the Windscribe app
  2. Go to the Connection sub-menu  Connection Tab within the Windscribe app
  3. Scroll down to Allow Lan traffic Allow LAN traffic toggle in the Windscribe app
  4. Toggle the switch to enabled Allow Lan traffic. When done correctly, this option will show as green Allow LAN Traffic toggled ON

And that's it! You have enabled Allow Lan traffic. You should now be able to communicate with all other devices on your network. 

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