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What is a Static IP? Is it better than a regular IP?

A Static IP is no better or any different from our regular IPs on our servers. The only difference is that, with Static IP, a specific IP will be assigned to your account and will stay the same for the period of one year (if you renew the following year, the IP will stay for another year and so on).

There are two types of Static IPs:

Datacenter IP  —  Standard IP address, no different than our regular servers, identified as being in a datacenter

Residential IP  —  Appears as if it's a home IP address assigned by an ISP

Static IP has the benefit of reduced chance of IP Blacklisting, Access control (Block access to critical resources for all IPs but your static one), Reduce Captchas, 2FA Checks, Security Measures, etc.

Learn more here: https://windscribe.com/staticips

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