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What is the difference between Static, Dedicated and Dynamic Ips?

A Static IP is a location-specific IP that you can purchase from Windscribe which will remain the same every time you connect to the location. These come in two flavors: Datacenter and Residential, which refers to their designation on the web.

Datacenter IPs are what all the regular Windscribe IPs are. They can be used for most tasks but some websites will see the datacenter origin and add extra verification steps to prevent bot/abuse attacks on their site or might even block your access outright. For some consumer-level tasks such as streaming content or accessing a finance-related site, a Residential IP is required by certain service providers, and is usually a safer bet for this use-case. For the purposes of anonymity, Windscribe assigns a Static IP to a pool of users. This, combined with our no-log policy, makes it impossible for us to pinpoint who did what, should that situation arise.

A Dedicated IP is much like a Static IP, except it is assigned to a single user. It is dedicated to that one user. Windscribe does not provide this service as it is a compromise in anonymity. If someone were to ask us who used this IP address at a specific time, even though we might not have logs of that activity on our end, there is only one user who could possibly have been on that IP. So as mentioned above, we provide static IPs to multiple users so that there is no way to know which of those people were using the IP.

Dynamic IPs are the default type of IPs you're assigned when you choose to connect to a Windscribe location. These are randomly chosen by the server and are assigned for the duration of your connection. They are usually rotated out when you reconnect to the server because the servers has a pool of IPs that we assign to users. 

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