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Who owns Windscribe?

Since its inception in 2016, Windscribe has been and continues to be privately owned and operated. We have zero outside investors, and 100% of the equity is owned by the three founders (Yegor Sak, Alex Paguis and Mark Ulicki) and Windscribe employees.

The three co-owners are not hands-off and sipping martinis on a beach either. They are all heavily involved in the development of the infrastructure, tools and apps and handle all the decisions regarding the direction of the company. They are incredibly close to the Windscribe product and talk to individual users in support tickets, on Twitter, Discord and Reddit to gauge public interests and convert their feedback into actionable items for the entire Windscribe team.

This is a far cry from some other VPN companies out there who are owned by former tracking companies, who have CEOs that are near impossible to find info about, or who hire former government spies for some of their highest positions.

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