What is the difference between the Refer a Friend and Affiliate programs?

The Refer a Friend program allows you to get Pro on your own Windscribe account when the invited users upgrade to Pro. The plan will be matched so if the referred user buys 1 Month of Pro, you will get 1 Month of Pro. If it's 1 Year of Pro, you will get 1 Year as well. You also earn 1GB of bonus bandwidth for each invited user who confirms their email, even without an upgrade.

The Affiliate program allows you to actually earn money when the people you invite upgrade to Pro. You will earn half of what the user paid to upgrade. For example 1 Month of Pro costs $9 so you would get $4.50 out of that users' transaction.

Keep in mind that these benefits only apply to the standard price upgrades from our websites. Holiday promotions or purchases through 3rd party vendors will not work for the referral or affiliate benefits.

Finally, please ensure that the correct signup process is used when you refer somebody or else you might miss out on the benefits. The steps for the signup can be found by clicking here.

You can read more info about these programs on our website here:
Refer a Friend: https://windscribe.com/referafriend
Affiliate: https://windscribe.com/affiliate