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Slow speeds

What you can do to improve your speeds

Forgot username or password

Reset your password via our website

Can't connect or disconnecting randomly

There could be many reasons for this. Let's figure out what they are.

Username/password browser popup

Popup Window Asking for Username and Password

Streaming service not working

BBC, Amazon, not working.

API Connectivity

Windscribe API is blocked on your network

Can't send email

You're probably using SMTP 25, cut that out

Didn't get upgraded

You probably made multiple accounts

DNS Leak

There probably is no DNS leak

Bandwidth not reset

Bandwidth resets every 30 days

Kodi Support

Use VPN Manager plugin

Lifetime account expiry

It will auto-renew at no cost

Didn't get confirmation email

Just wait a while.

TCP Socket Termination

Using Windscribe with torrent clients

Don't use SOCKS, it's dangerous

Setting Up Port Forwarding

Configure your device to use port forwarding over a VPN

How to connect to a Static IP server

Mine for Upgrades program discontinued

Issues Logging into Windscribe

Does Windscribe block or support IPv6 traffic?

IPv6 tunnels are planned and coming! But for now, the best thing to do is block IPv6 connectivity instead.

Difference between desktop app and browser extension

You might be wondering why we recommend both, here's a quick rundown.

Firewall Modes

Many users prefer to use the application Firewall in different ways so we've given you the freedom to choose a few different modes.

Stealth Protocol on iOS

Stealth is currently unavailable on iOS but we have plans to implement it in a future update

How to whitelist a domain in R.O.B.E.R.T.

Whitelist the domain on our website

What does “Delete Sessions”/“Delete VPN Creds" mean?

These will force logout from all your account sessions and reset any custom config credentials that may be used outside the Windscribe clients.

Referral account linking instructions

This is the correct process to follow to ensure that someone you refer to us has their account linked to yours for our juicy referral and affiliate benefits.

Am I allowed to share my Windscribe account?

No, please don't do this unless you want your account banned.

How to add an email address to your Windscribe account

Windscribe does NOT require the use of an email address, however there are a few good reasons for why you might still want to add one to your account.

Why has my monthly bandwidth limit been decreased?

You probably unsubscribed from our promotional emails.

Why should I give my email to Windscribe? what you might ask when you find out that providing an email for our service is completely optional!

What is Ephemeral Port Forwarding and how to use it

Ephemeral Port Forwarding is available to all Pro users. Reserve a port on all of our servers for 24 hours and then you can access your device from anywhere online!

Can I use Windscribe for Free?

Yes! We offer a completely Free plan that gives you 10GB of VPN traffic per month. Not a trial, but a free plan.

How to cancel a paid subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time from the My Account page.

Why did my account get banned/disabled?

How much does it cost to use Windscribe?

You can use it for FREE and upgrade if you want more locations and bandwidth.

Where can I find my account details?

Just log into your Windscribe account on our website!

What is a VPN?

A VPN is used to secure your internet activity, anonymize your online presence and to make you appear in different parts of the world.

ASUS Router Setup Guide (ASUSWRT)

If you have the standard ASUS Router firmware (ASUSWRT), you can use this guide to connect to our VPN servers.

ROBERT debugging for faulty sites and services

Sometimes it's helpful to know which domains a site is loading, ROBERT can help with that.

Do Windscribe servers have DDoS protection?

No, DDOS protection can't really be implemented in a feasible way on a VPN server.

What is Split Tunneling and how to use it

Split Tunneling allows you to control which apps use the VPN and which don't

WireGuard Router Setup Guide (DD-WRT)

DD-WRT and Windscribe now support the WireGuard VPN protocol.

What is the most secure protocol?

How can I get more bandwidth?

Does Windscribe blocks Ads?

Can I pay for Windscribe with a prepaid credit card?

What and where is the "Fake Antarctica - Troll Station" server?

How do I change my payment method/update credit card info?

How to delete your Windscribe account

How can I use my Static IP on a router?

Do you log data on free accounts?

How many IPs does Windscribe have?

How can I make my account safe?

Why are my payments not being accepted?

Can I use Windscribe on multiple devices?

Why did my bandwidth expire too early?

Do you support the L2TP or PPTP VPN protocols?

How can I edit my custom plan?

I forgot the username of my account

Where is Windscribe located?

Is there a difference between free servers and paid servers?

Does Windscribe support Port Forwarding?

My location online doesn't match the Windscribe server location

Does Windscribe allow Peer-to-Peer (P2P) traffic?

What is the refund policy for Windscribe plans?

Can I use Windscribe without an internet connection?

Does Windscribe have a referral or affiliate program?

What is the Time Warp feature in the Browser Extension?

What is WireGuard?

Is there a different version of the app for Pro users?

What is the difference between Build-a-Plan and the regular Pro plan?

Getting started with Windscribe on Android

How to claim an upgrade code

What kind of encryption does Windscribe use?

Getting started with Windscribe on Windows

Getting Started with Windscribe on iOS

Как начать использовать Windscribe на Android

Как начать использовать Windscribe на iOS

Getting Started with Windscribe on MacOS

Как начать использовать Windscribe на Windows

Как начать использовать Windscribe на MacOS

Как активировать промокод

How do I log out of all devices?

What is "Cookie Go Away" in the browser extension?

What is "WebRTC Slayer" in the Windscribe browser extension?

Where do I access my WireGuard configs?

Can Windscribe be trusted?

How many servers does Windscribe have?

Does my Windscribe subscription automatically renew?

How do I check the ping/latency to Windscribe servers?

How do I stream content from a geo-restricted site?

How do I check which version of the app I am using?

My paid plan is ending soon, can I renew it earlier/now?

Can I use Windscribe on LG webOS?

How can I use IKEv2 on my router?

Alternative App Download Links for Iran Citizens

Iran Connection Issues Using Desktop App

Iran Connection Issues Using Mobile App

Iran Login Issues Using Desktop App

Does Windscribe have a Family Plan?

What is Mac Spoofing and how to use it?

What is the Smokewall feature in the Windscribe extension?

Does Build-a-Plan unlimited data apply to all locations?

Why does my iOS/Mac device say that all network activity may be monitored or filtered?

Troubleshooting Connection Issues in Restricted Countries (Iran, China, Russia, etc)